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Hi, my name is Virlyn Ledford and I am a fulltime outdoorsman. My buddies and I are big on coon and deer hunting. We are all from Polk County Tennessee. We all have great hunting spots, and hunting dogs. We do a lot of hunting in the Cherokee National Forest. We are willing to give tips about hunting any type of specie in Tennessee area. The hardest thing to hunt around here are turkeys. They are the smartest animal in the woods. The deer around here are almost anywhere, in the woods or in fields is where you see the most deer. The bears population is probably at the highest it has every been in a while. They are being spotted around camp areas and parks in the National forest. The coons around here have young right now, but there is way too many coons in the area. When a dog trees you may have up to five coons in one tree. The best place to find the coon are around creek banks or fallen trees. This year their hasn't been to many coyotes around this area this year, but my buddies and I have saw quite a few of them. When you see them they are usually in a pack of no more than six. The skunks have been very bad this year, you might go close to the side of a dairy farm and two to four of them at a time. The wild hogs this year are populated pretty good to, but the best place to kill one is around the Tellico unit. Shot range on boar hunts is usually 30-40 yards. You probably won't need a scope on your rifle or shotgun. The terrain is hilly to mountainous and thickly wooded. Choice of weapons include archery, primitive weapons, shotguns and rifles or even handguns. High caliber rifles are recommended with at least 180+ grain bullets. Shotguns must be used with slugs. Handguns must have at least a 5 1/2 inch barrel and be at least above 24 caliber.


Reece Turkey CallsWe have four different calls.  The big fall gobbler box, the 8" Passion Player, the new Jazzybel boat paddle call and the brand new extra small 'Young Hussy'.  (It may be small in size but lacks nothing in sound. Contact us at

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